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In today’s high-stakes litigation environment, it’s more important than ever to hire an aggressive and competent law firm. Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers fights for the individual rights of our clients, giving each case personal attention. We understand Federal and Texas law and know what it takes to settle a claim or take a case to trial to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Daniel Ross started Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers in 1998 to serve the citizens of Texas in the areas that affect life most: personal injury, overtime law, and employment law. We have a passion for helping those who have been wronged, injured, or even killed at the hands of people who are negligent in their duties. If someone’s illegal activity or negligence has hurt you, don’t hesitate to contact us to pursue your legal rights.

Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers excels at taking on those who don’t want to accept legal responsibility for their actions. If you need a group of attorneys who understand state and federal laws and are passionate about asserting your rights, come to Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers for your injury, overtime, and employment law needs.

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Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers has achieved success in large and small legal matters. We have the resources and ability to take on the most difficult cases. Our team of skilled lawyers have experience handling many different kinds of personal injury and employment law cases throughout Texas. Our goal is to get you all of the compensation you deserve for the losses you’ve suffered.

When you work with Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers, you gain access to powerful resources that will help you understand your rights under the law. To work with a law firm on the cutting edge of technology and information, trust Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers for your legal representation.

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Daniel Ross built Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers on a foundation of attorney-client trust. Every attorney at our firm is passionate about protecting the rights of those who have been wronged. From employment law to personal injury, we’re here to help you seek the justice you deserve.

We have a reputation throughout Texas, including Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and the surrounding areas, for having excellent relationships with our clients. We care about your wellbeing during and after your case.

When you work with Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers, your attorney will keep you informed and up to date on developments. We will be available to talk and answer any questions you have. Making a legal claim, especially if it goes to litigation, can be confusing and difficult. That’s why our lawyers are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services.

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Daniel Ross is an experienced attorney who has practiced law for more than twenty years. His experience as a business owner before becoming a lawyer, and practice as a defense attorney in the early years of his legal career, give him a different perspective in negotiating disputes. He is a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation.


The trial lawyers at Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers have in-depth knowledge of personal injury, overtime and wage laws, employment and civil tort laws. Our years of experience benefit our clients in settling cases before filing a lawsuit when possible, in litigation, and at trial.


As attorneys, we are representatives of clients, officers of the legal system and public citizens with a special responsibility for the quality of justice. As your advocates, we will zealously pursue your interests within the boundaries of the law. We maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.


Year after year, we have taken on corporate giants and the big insurance companies and won. We know their tactics and we are not intimidated. We have the experience, knowledge and skill to help you get the compensation you are entitled to under the law.


At Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers we have a team of skilled, dedicated, caring people who work hard for you. Clients and opposing attorneys have remarked how impressed they were with our attention to detail.


We will explain the law to you in plain language. We will give you our honest assessment of your claims. We will return your phone calls and respond to your emails.

7.Problem Solving

There is no successful 'one size fits all' strategy for legal cases. Read about Daniel Ross's approach to problem solving and case strategy.


We have a solid record of success. Daniel Ross is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). Every case is unique. We can give you a reliable evaluation of your potential case.


Daniel Ross is well known for his tough and effective representation of his clients. He has been interviewed by the local, national, and international press regarding legal matters ranging from personal injury, to employee's rights, to the law of eminent domain.


Our commitment to the community is reflected in the time Dan Ross spends as Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault at the University of Texas School of Social Work. The Institute works to reduce violence against women, children, men, and families.

Personal Injury, Overtime and Employment Lawyers who make a difference

The lawyers of Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers are compassionate, competitive, and committed to fighting for the rights of wronged and injured people throughout Texas. To make the most out of your chance to get financial compensation, you need a law firm who will negotiate settlements, speak with insurance companies, and fight injustice every step of the way.

Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers is your answer for strong, competent legal representation. We’ll develop a strategy to resolve your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can focus on healing and recovery. Get in touch with us at (512) 474-7677 to begin your journey towards moving on with your life.

We can tell you about ourselves all day long, but only an actual client can tell you about Daniel Ross and the lawyers of Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers from a perspective like your own.

Donna & Robert

"After consulting with 2 different lawyers here in the Dallas Ft Worth area an not getting anywhere we contacted the Ross Law Group via a recommendation of my brother. He had used the firm a...”

Ken J.

"Smart Attorney That's Aggressive, Reliable & Knows The Law: I hired Dan Ross to represent me in an employment law case and he did an excellent job handling my case. I would highly recommend...”

Preston C.

“I would like to thank you for all the work you put in to settling my case. This is a big weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. We have received the check and will put the money to...”

Daniel B. Ross

Trial Lawyer

I did my first trial two weeks after I was licensed to practice law and I was hooked.

When I’m helping a client, I like to look at the situation and imagine all of the possible scenarios and outcomes. I have the ability to see situations from angles that others may miss and I believe in finding ways to deal with and get beyond issues that some may see as problems in a client’s case.

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Charles Scalise

Overtime & Wage Lawyer

I am passionate about getting my clients the wages they are owed.

That is why, after practicing general employment law for many years, I chose to make overtime and wage claims my primary focus. I have handled more than 2000 wage claims against employers.

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Megan Evans

Personal Injury and Employment Trial Lawyer

During her life, my mom taught me many lessons.

The one that I remember the most is to always fight for what you believe in and never lose sight of who you are and what you stand for. That is what I keep in mind as a lawyer. I want to make a difference, and my job allows me to do that.

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Brett Beeler

Trial Lawyer

I am a problem solver. My clients have included nurses, truck drivers, sales people, factory workers, athletes, and more.

All of them solve problems all the time in their work and family life, but recognized that when standing up to their employer for unfair treatment, they needed help from someone trained in the specialized language of the law.

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Margo Ross Pillischer

Personal Injury and Employment Trial Lawyer

The day I arrived in New Orleans for my freshman year of college, I had to evacuate because of Hurricane Katrina.

I had carefully planned and prepared and worked hard to get there, and as a very young adult, at the time it felt like the worst thing that could ever happen. Now I appreciate that it was a valuable life lesson, one that has given me an understanding and empathy as a lawyer that I may not have otherwise gained.

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Eric Spiegel

Employment Lawyer

Although I’ll never know what it’s truly like to walk in another person’s shoes, my first goal as an employment attorney is achieve a high degree of empathy with each client to better understand and connect with their feelings. Once I’m fully able to discern a client’s situation, I can then apply my expertise and inform them of what protections and remedies they may have under the law. I often find that meeting someone where they’re at emotionally is a necessary step towards forming a constructive attorney-client relationship.

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COVID-19 Updates: Ross · Scalise Law Group is fully operating during the COVID-19 crisis and we are here to help our clients and potential clients during this time. For the safety of our employees, most of us are working remotely. We are not scheduling any in-person meetings, but we are set up to have telephone and video conferences. We are proceeding with depositions and mediations using these technologies.