We can tell you about ourselves all day long, but only an actual client can tell you about Daniel Ross and the lawyers of Ross Law Group from a perspective like your own.

Donna & Robert

"After consulting with 2 different lawyers here in the Dallas Ft Worth area an not getting anywhere we contacted the Ross Law Group via a recommendation of my brother. He had used the firm a few years ago and said they were great. We worked primarily with Dan Ross and Jonathan Sandstrom Hill and I can’t say enough good things about them. They kept in constant contact with us, letting us know what to expect each step of the way. We were extremely impressed with their knowledge and expertise. . .they really know their stuff! They were prompt and had a genuine interest in not only our case but our well being. We trusted them completely. Our case was handled quickly and the settlement was a lot more than we expected. I will be recommending this law firm to everyone. . .we couldn’t be happier!!"

Jim B.

"Nicole was amazing to work with. She helped to make a very stressful situation bearable. She walked me through the process and everything went as she said it would. Nicole not only worked hard to get a solution to my issue that suited my needs but also infused the process with her own kindness and compassion helping to reduce the stress inherently involved in these types of situations. It's obvious that she does this type of work because she wants to help people. I would definitely recommend working with her."

Ken J.

"Smart Attorney That's Aggressive, Reliable & Knows The Law: I hired Dan Ross to represent me in an employment law case and he did an excellent job handling my case. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge of Texas law, finding the best strategy for winning the case, being aggressive and dependable. He also has a great sense of humor which helps! If you want the best employment law attorney in Austin Texas, you should hire Dan Ross."


"Mr. Charles Scalise took my case when no one else would. With diligence and precision he negotiated out a settlement for me. Mr. Scalise is what a lawyer should be; integrity, responsive, driven, & most of all looks out for his client’s interests and not the bottom line. No comparison."

Preston C.

“I would like to thank you for all the work you put in to settling my case. This is a big weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. We have received the check and will put the money to good use. I appreciate your time and efforts. I would have no problem recommending you to anyone! Please stay in touch. Hope to see you soon.”

Cherish G.

"Dan Ross and Megan Evans at Ross Law Group have been a dream to work with. Megan is incredible and always so eager to help. I always received email responses within hours, if not minutes. I am very happy with the level of service and expertise I found with Ross Law Group. They didn't disappoint in the settlement area either. Thank you Dan & Megan! YOU GUYS ROCK!"


“Thank you. Today I have such an amazing feeling of peace. I did not think I would ever feel this again… thank you for walking this journey with me. You are a part of my family that I will forever treasure.”

Dave S.

"5.0 star rating!! I had the privilege of working on my case with Brett Beeler. I would say go for it for it. The outcome was more then I accepted. A true professional. So if anyone needs help with a labor case please look him up."

Tom N., Attorney

“I’ve been opposing counsel to Dan Ross and his firm in dozens of cases. Dan and his team know the law and litigate aggressively and professionally for their clients’ interests.”

Jacqui J.

"I found Ross Law Group on the internet and decided to use them as my council for a discrimination case against my employer. Nicole Conger was my attorney and she was responsive, friendly and reasonable. I felt like I was a partner in the process and that my opinion and input was taken seriously. We reached a favorable settlement and the process was quick and easy due to the persistence and tenacity of Nicole. I would recommend them highly if you are in need of legal representation.".

Michael Conway, Attorney

"Dan Ross is a hard working, dedicated to the client, risk taking, stay up late and get it right attorney that I am proud to have worked with in a highly controversial lawsuit. The details of the lawsuit are confidential as well as the result, but I have no complaints and that is the real test."


"Dan Ross represented my family after my father died. Dan and his staff were very helpful to my dad's wife Valerie as well as my brother, sister and myself. They worked very long and hard to build a very strong case and tracked down any and all information possible. They kept us informed every step of the way. I can't thank them enough for what they have done for our family. If you going through a tough time and need a great lawyer, Dan Ross is the lawyer you should hire."

Amy R.

"Nicole knows her stuff. Many other attorneys I've worked with say they need to double check what the statute says about xyz.. Nicole never did that. She knows everything there is to know about employment laws, federally & on a state level, even case law. In addition to her expertise, her personal qualities are what made me happy I chose her as my attorney. She is an aggressive fighter & advocate for you, while at the same time personable and a pleasure to work with from a client perspective."

Nikki B.

"Lawyers don't have great reputations, as a profession. So it isn't often that you hear of "good guys" when it comes to lawyers. I am so glad I came across Dan Ross when I did. Not only did he make time for me on short notice (same day), but he went above and beyond in providing excellent interpretation of the law to me. We even went well over time (late in the evening.) I appreciate him and his staff for their excellent service. Definitely recommend his practice!"


"When I reached out to Nicole I was in a very sensitive state of mind and needed someone who would really listen and give me clarity and direction. Nicole didn't just fulfill my needs in an Attorney, she stayed available to me during my entire case. She helped me settle for an outstanding dollar amount. I would and have recommended her to friends and family."

Takiesha J.

"Ross Law is a wonderful group of people. I worked with Nicole and she's amazing to say the least. She explained everything and kept me well informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend her to others."


"I highly recommend Charles Scalise. He handled my case with the utmost of care and passion to get me a result that was more than I had hoped and accomplished this by avoiding a long drawn out court battle. If you have a labor issue or concern or aren't being paid fairly/properly, contact Charles - he will help."

Allyson W.

"While I hope I never need an attorney again, I know I can rely on the Ross Law Group if that ever happens."


"I was in an automobile collision in which I was rear-ended. My car was damaged and I had a concussion. There were hospital bills and car repairs and lots of details to attend to. I knew I needed someone with expertise to help me navigate through. Dan Ross of The Ross Law Group represented me, and I am so grateful that he was my attorney. Dan was thorough and patient, explaining everything along the way so that I understood the process. Along with another Ross Law Group attorney, Megan Evans, I was involved in each step forward as we worked toward resolution. The final settlement was more than double the amount of the insurance company's original offer. The generous settlement I received is largely due to Dan's skillful negotiations, his strong sense of duty to his clients, and his tenacity and perseverance of spirit. He simply never gives up! I highly recommend the Ross Law Group for many reasons, from their experience in successfully negotiating settlements in personal injury cases to their expertise in helping people who are involved in these cases. Their website states that they have a team of skilled, dedicated, caring people who work hard for you. Based on my experience, I concur."


"Awesome Firm & First Class Staff -- If you are seeking an attorney and don't know where to go or who you can trust, then I recommend If you are seeking an attorney and don't know where to go or who you can trust, then I recommend Nicole Conger with Ross Law Group. This is the status we were in before Ross Group and Nicole came to the rescue. Nicole & team handled our case with the utmost professionalism. She had an impeccable sense of dedication, commitment, and understanding when working with me. She is very compassionate, highly educated and is an asset to the Ross Law Group. She handled my case with integrity, sincerity and honesty and kept me informed regularly. For such a stressful time in our lives, I feel she treated us with the same level of attention she would her own family. Not to mention her humor definitely kept things entertaining. I cannot thank Mr. Ross or Ms. Conger enough for their support."

Kevin J.

"If you are seeking an Authentic, Caring, and Competent Attorney, the stop looking! I have hired several attorneys over the years and none have ever proven to be little more than the typical stereotypes and cartoon figures. Nicole and her team are “the real deal”. As a client, if you will trust her and let her work for you then you will not be disappointed. Nicole proved to be very well read, intelligent and strong throughout the initial dialogs, filings, depositions and negotiations. Nicole will not sell you out. When the hearings are over and your case is settled or closed, you will find that although the legal system is a very close group of friends and colleagues, Nicole and her team will not allow relationships to compromise what is right, and just for her clients."

Scott E.

"Charles was a great lawyer. Him and Maria both kept me informed, and always had time for me when i called even if they had no news at all to update me with. The process seemed long, but it really was not. He is very personable, and seems like he was more in it for me then he was for his firm. I highly recommend Charles and if i ever come across someone in a similar situation i will refer him. Again thank you Charles and Maria."

Lisa K.

"I came to Nicole with a vague idea that I might have been wrongfully terminated. She zeroed in on the specific areas in which there were legal claims. She knew terms and categories which I had not been able to discover on my own through online research. She was amazingly adept at narrowing down the volumes of information in my head into a legal brief which the EEOC recognized and to which the company responded surprisingly quickly. We settled with extraordinary terms in my favor. She did an excellent job and was great (even fun) to work with."


"Outstanding Attorney with Heart & Fire - I hired Nicole to represent me in a wrongful termination case because she's a sharp, aggressive and compassionate attorney. She did an outstanding job of representing me and defending my rights to the fullest. I really appreciated her passion for my case, great communication and her genuine desire to help me. If you want a trustworthy, motivated and reliable attorney, pick Nicole."


"He knows his stuff! Dan was my attorney on a recent case of mine. He was smart, responsive, and knows his profession. Would recommend him for anyone who needs someone in their corner!"


"[Dan] took time to explain the legal processes and outcomes while listening to my questions and concerns. I feel that his knowledge, honesty, and responsiveness truly helped me achieve results. Any client of his would benefit from having his representation!"


"Nicole was friendly, professional and thorough. She answered questions I had and kept me in the loop of things the entire time. I would recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer in this field."


"I spoke to literally dozens of attorneys who supposedly practice employment law and found that in most cases I knew more about the law applicable to my case (wage and hour) than they did. Then I found Charles. Long story short, we settled the case for an amount that was fair, and all sides can move on now. He was straight with us about what to expect, and the pros and cons of each course of action."


"Dan was great. He listened, took notes cut to the chase. I had a good feeling from the start. Nicole was the second attorney I worked with on my case. She made sure everything was clear in the negotiation. In the end a fair settlement was agreed to by both party's."


"Excellent Attorney - Nicole provided me legal help in an employment case. She takes a lot of time to connect with her clients to understand their individual concerns, and genuinely cares deeply for each client that she represents."

Daniel R.

"Professional, Persistent and Personable - I've recommended Nicole and Ross Law Group to a number of friends and colleagues based on not only how she handled a very difficult negotiation on my behalf, but because she was able to get results. I was consistently impressed by both her patience and persistence - on both sides of the negotiation. It was a very emotional process and she was able to balance my needs while helping maintain focus on what mattered. Her communication skills were instrumental in reaching the best resolution possible, despite some pretty strong emotions on both sides of the table. Her candor and compassion gave me the confidence that she was working in my best interest and not merely for her own financial gain. I hope I won't need her help again, but if I do, I won't hesitate to call her."


"Nicole is the most impressive attorney I have ever met in my life! I was so lucky to have her honest consultation and straightforward recommendations. In her presence a person easily feels comforted and that she is sincerely a compassionate person. My case went as far as it could without resulting in a settlement but I was able to find closure with it inwardly being 100% satisfied that I had the very best person on my side throughout, Nicole. I am able to move on with my life intact. She is worthy of a 5 star rating because she will take the time to listen, understand, and care about her clients as well as their rights by law. Thank you Nicole, your one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting."

David Harris

"I first encountered the Ross Law Group while defending a case brought against my client by one of the clients of the Ross Law Group. It was clear from the beginning that the lawyers of the Ross Law Group were very knowledgeable in their field and extremely professional. I was so impressed with Ross Law Group that after we resolved the first matter, I hired them to take over the lead in an employment law case that I had started. This was definitely the right choice. Not only were the attorneys in Ross Law Group subject matter authorities, but Dan Ross, in particular, is an exceptional courtroom advocate. Partnering with the Ross Law Group was definitely the right choice and I would not hesitate to do so again in the future."

Jeff C.

"Dan Ross and his staff are fantastic. Extremely professional and knowledgeable in every area of the law. We were lucky to have found his firm and still hold his staff in the highest regard and recommend them completely. You will be glad you called, I assure you."

Kevin Flahive, Attorney

"Dan is a bright legal mind and a tenacious advocate for this clients."

Dan T.

"Nicole did a great job representing my case. She has an excellent grasp of the law. I would recommend her to others needing a compassionate and empathetic voice."


"Dan Ross was referred to me by a friend and we couldn't have received better service. Our personal injury claim was not thought to be much, however, Dan Ross fought for us and produced the best possible outcome from the other person's insurance company. I highly recommend Mr. Ross to anyone seeking representation. As with the legal system, patience is a virtue. Thank you again Mr. Ross!"

Jason N.

"Awesome lawyer - no matter the case size! I hired Dan to represent me in a case against a very large medical company. Ultimately, our case settled. But had it gone to trial, there's no one I would choose to better represent me. Dan is not only a talented, experienced lawyer, but has become a friend and consultant. He was ALWAYS available. And if he didn't know the answer to a question, he found it quickly. I would highly recommend Dan Ross for any case, big or small. Car accident or major litigation against a Fortune 500 company - he can handle it. And he'll win."


"Smart attorney that’s aggressive, reliable & knows the law.. I hired Dan Ross to represent me in an employment law case and he did an excellent job handling my case. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge of Texas law, finding the best strategy for winning the case, being aggressive and dependable. He also has a great sense of humor which helps! If you want the best employment law attorney in Austin Texas, you should hire Dan Ross."


"I had the opportunity of working with Dan Ross and his assistant Megan at the Ross Law Group in a slip and fall accident. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and very responsive to me and my case. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a professional and caring law office."

Melissa M.

"I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Ross and his practice! They were very helpful and provided me with some great information to help determine my next steps. Mr. Ross even sent me a personalized thank you note after our consult. I would highly recommend their practice for those in need of their services!"


"Fantastic to work with. Nicole helped me through a rough legal situation. She kept me in the loop, knew all the players, and was such a positive energy when I was feeling low that it rubbed off on me."

D. Roberts

"Dan Ross and his team helped me negotiate an extremely difficult severance agreement. Dan's level of experience, and his candid assessment of my case gave me confidence that he knows what he's doing. More importantly he made it very clear that he was not afraid of a fight, should negotiation prove difficult. In my case, things got a bit ugly, and true to his word, his team took a firm but strategic approach which ultimately resulted in the result I was hoping for. Dan Ross and Nicole Conger are consummate professionals - every phone call or email was answered within 5 minutes - and usually we were on the phone as they helped me navigate was an emotionally charged process without losing faith or falling to pieces. That level of support is something I didn't expect and, in addition to their exceptional legal prowess, that is why I continue to recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney who isn't afraid to put on the gloves and mix things up."


"Professional, gifted, caring: Nicole was my lawyer in a case we completed just recently in Texas. She is dynamic, articulate and driven to help and protect her clients during a very difficult time in their lives. She was not only our counsel, but a trusted confidant. Her tenaciousness was evident when engaging our opponent, yet her caring side was also available when we needed a friend. I (and my family) had never experienced any legal wranglings in our lives and we were definitely the deer in the headlights coming into our case. As it unfolded we were guided, informed, protected and always the most important people no matter what location we may have been in. I know that without her our side it would have been even more trying and most likely, not as successful. We would recommend Nicole with our highest regard as she is not only a skillful attorney, but a compassionate and kind human being. If needing counsel, you would be wise to seek her time and efforts on your behalf. She is remarkable."

Stephen C.

"I was faced with a very trying scenario regarding lost income. Dan Ross and one of his attorney's Nicole Conger took my case. Although I would never advise anyone to do battle within our legal system, if a necessity, I would only choose this group. Between Dan, Nicole and Mayra (paralegal) they made me feel that my case was the most important in their stable. I know they had many other cases to resolve, but I never felt worries, but to the contrary, protected. They showed me professionalism, care and understanding while dealing with a very difficult time in my life. I would recommend them to family, friends and anyone who "has to", deal with legal issues. They did a great job by me and my family and gave us piece of mind that had been missing for sometime. Thank you Ross Law group, keep caring for your clients......"


"Nicole was such a pleasure to work with! She helped through the entire process, squashed all of my worries; and she is a real go-getter! More than I ever expected! I would recommend her to anyone who needs her services!"


"[Nicole] really cared about me. She took the time to understand my case before litigation. For me she was able to find a very reasonable solution (We won) so that our case didn't go to trial. She's very knowledgeable and helpful. For me it was an employment law case."


"Mr. Scalise assisted me with a problem I had with a auto dealership. He kept me informed and provided me with updates on a regular basis giving me the peace of mind I was seeking. He was most effective in representing me and the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. Mr. Scalise fees were most reasonable for the quality of representation that I received. I would highly recommend Mr. Scalise for legal representation."


"Charles was expedient in handling my case, and was fair in the outcome distribution. Honesty and Integrity at no extra charge."


"Mr. Scalise was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable about employment law, and went above and beyond to get a fair settlement for me. I highly recommend hiring him!"

D. Webb

"Best experience ever! Nicole Conger with Ross Law Group exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her services to anyone!"

Michelle R.

"A dear family member was wrongfully and brutally terminated. Nicole collected some information over a phone conversation offering to sit down with us to hear more about the termination. This was after other attorneys told us that we were in Texas and as a hire/fire "at will" state we didn't have a case. Nicole sat and listened for hours taking page upon page of notes written in a form of short hand with blue ink on a pink pad. This may sound silly, but having such a unique note taking technique brought a personality to our very stressful info gathering sessions, something I didn't expect from an attorney. She was direct, extremely efficient and didn't back down when the firm in question denied any wrong doing. Nicole is a fighter and your greatest champion. When you need an attorney of her expertise you are often emotionally, financially and professionally devastated. Nicole will help you find any amount of closure possible while keeping you well informed during the process. It was her expertise that brought to my attention that I too had a violation that needed correcting, so I hired her to correct it. My case was quickly settled in my favor....a case I didn't even realize I had. I will always be grateful and will miss working with her."


"Dan impressed me from the first moment with both his concern for my case and his candor regarding likely outcomes. Within ten minutes of reviewing my employment contract, he'd identified numerous potential avenues for legal recourse - based on my circumstance. I'd heard that Dan wasn't one to shy away from a fight - and that’s exactly what I was looking for, someone who would fight for me - and Dan's team did not disappoint. The negotiation was something like a chess match, and Dan proved very adept at adapting our strategy without giving up ground. And it was clear from the opposing side's actions that they knew they were dealing with an experienced and tactical attorney. Aside from delivering the result I was hoping for, Dan's team did an exceptional job of communicating and level-setting during what was often a very emotionally charged process. Not once did my call go to voicemail - and in fact, in almost every instance, I was on the phone with an attorney within 5 minutes. That level of attention may not have been critical for their success in the case, but it helped a great deal to calm my anxiety and keep me focused on the key facts of the case. I have recommended Ross Law Group to friends and family - and will definitely continue to do so."


"Intelligent, driven, results-orientated, a defense lawyer's nightmare! I worked with the Ross law Group and was new to dealing with legal issues. Mr. Ross, (Dan) to his client is very charismatic, engaging, funny and driven. He was open to questions and left nothing for us to guess. He explained the map in front of us and what our journey would entail. When dealing with our opponent he was professional and always seemed to have an upper hand. His experience and confidence shows thru difficult times and he has a presence that opposing counsel will not soon forget. With a take no prisoners attitude, he will fight on your behalf while still keep professionalism and legality well in sight. He was masterful to watch during proceedings and left us with a constant feeling of confidence in ourselves and our case. He will impress even the most learned of courtroom critics as I don't believe many want to tangle with him. If you need counsel, you would be mistaken not to look his way first. Incredible!"


"My name is Dave and I worked for a major corporation for 22 years as a Senior Account Executive. In that time I had won many sales awards and was consistently a top producer. Most importantly I had earned the respect and friendship of my customers, peers and many superiors. I was dismissed on what I believe are untrue charges, designed to benefit the corporation and kept me from obtaining benefits. How could they have thought I would go down quietly? So my search was on to find representation to do battle with this corporate giant and their “deep pockets.” After speaking to several “employment lawyers”, some who said I had no case, others who would not take it on a contingency basis, I met Dan Ross. It became immediately obvious to me that he was my man, the Man who possessed the intellect and savvy to take on a major corporation. He was the first lawyer whom I felt really listened. His demeanor was that of a confident intellectual with the physical appearance and tenacity of a middle linebacker, just what I was looking for! Not only was he a good listener but a great communicator. He listened and understood my dilemma. With that input he was able to pick my brain to come up with additional information and a devise a winning strategy. I was impressed with his ability to predict the actions of our opponents and then capitalize on their errors. Exposing their questionable behavior under sworn testimony, he made a resolution possible. I would strongly recommend Dan Ross and the Ross Law Group to anyone that has been done wrong by their employer. Unlike the other “employment lawyers” who were looking for a “slam dunk” case, he worked hard and intelligently to make a strong case and subsequent resolution. He impressed me as a winner. He is my kind of guy, a “regular” guy with not-so regular abilities. The kind of guy that will work hard to win for his client, but more importantly to me, to win because he doesn't like to lose!"