Daniel B. Ross

Trial Lawyer

I did my first trial two weeks after I was licensed to practice law and I was hooked. When I’m helping a client, I like to look at the situation and imagine all of the possible scenarios and outcomes. I have the ability to see situations from angles that others may miss and I believe in finding ways to deal with and get beyond issues that some may see as problems in a client’s case.

Charles Scalise

Overtime & Wage Lawyer

I am passionate about getting my clients the wages they are owed. That is why, after practicing general employment law for many years, I chose to make overtime and wage claims my primary focus. I have handled more than 1200 wage claims against employers.

Megan Evans

Personal Injury and Employment Lawyer

During her life, my mom taught me many lessons. The one that I remember the most is to always fight for what you believe in and never lose sight of who you are and what you stand for. That is what I keep in mind as a lawyer. I want to make a difference, and my job allows me to do that.

Brett Beeler

Trial Attorney

I am a problem solver. My clients have included nurses, truck drivers, sales people, factory workers, athletes, executives, and more. All of them solved problems all the time in their work and family life, but recognized that when standing up to their employers for unfair treatment, they needed help from someone trained in the specialized language of the law.

Trenton Lacy

Employment Attorney

For me, the practice of law begins and ends with people, and helping people is the only part of being a lawyer that matters. I’ve always been passionate about workers’ rights, and I enrolled in law school knowing exactly what I wanted to do: I wanted to help people protect themselves from bad employers.