Bicycle Accidents

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Austin

A bicycle accident in Austin can leave you badly shaken. You might have injuries and expensive property damage, on top of costs from missing time at work. The driver who struck you may have taken off, or refused to admit fault. No matter the circumstances, there are certain things you should do after a bicycle… read more

Does Auto Insurance Cover Bicycle Accidents?

Many people expect their car insurance to cover an accident involving other cars or motorcycles, but most would be surprised to find out that many coverages include bicycle accidents, too. Your coverage may also include injuries to the rider. If bicycles are a common sight where you drive, make sure you understand how your insurance… read more

What to Do After a Bike Crash

Texas is one of the deadliest states for cyclists. A number of major cities encourage pedestrian and cyclist traffic, so there are many opportunities for collisions with motor vehicles that coincide with increased bicycle activity. In 2016, 65 bicyclists died throughout the state of Texas. This was a 25% increase from the previous year. Non-fatal… read more

Bicycles, DUIs, and Accident Laws in Texas

Under current Texas laws, biking under the influence is not an explicit crime. Generally, you could take a bike out to a bar, have a few, and ride back without concern for legal repercussions. While a criminal DUI is unlikely (but possible), cyclists may still face legal liability if they cause an injurious bicycle accident… read more

Do Cyclists Have to Wear Helmets in Austin, Texas?

When people discuss bicycle laws, one of the first questions usually involves helmets. Most states do not enforce helmet laws for adult bicyclists but may require children to wear them. If you plan to bicycle in Austin or around other areas in Texas, here’s what you should know. State and Local Bicycle Helmet Laws The… read more

Local and State Bike Laws for Austin, TX Residents

With each passing year, Texas embraces bicyclists a little more. Austin, in particular, is home to a network of bike-friendly routes. Like vehicles, bicyclists must adhere to local and state traffic laws. Before you head out on Texas roadways, learn the applicable laws and recommendations. Knowing your rights and responsibilities will help you safely navigate… read more