There are only two times that an employment contract attorney can review an employment contract: before it is signed or after. Whether you want to understand the terms of an offer of employment (and potentially negotiate them to your better advantage), or you are facing a dispute over a Texas employment contract you already signed, it’s a smart business decision to call an Austin employment contract lawyer at Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers for an affordable consultation.

In an “at will” employment state like Texas, true contracts of employment that guarantee employment for a specific time period and limit the reasons the employee can be terminated are relatively rare. Non-compete agreements, commission agreements, and relocation agreements are examples of employment-related contracts that are often used without any guarantee of continuing employment for a specific term.

Executive Employment Contracts

Senior executives or employees who have a special skill or are being hired to work on a specific project are more likely to get an offer of employment for a specific contract time period, often with very specific compensation packages that may include renewal options, performance bonuses, stock options, or profit-sharing.

Employment contracts can include agreements that the company will own any and all software, inventions, work product, business strategies, trade secrets, client lists, or intellectual property created by the employee during employment, along with non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. Other common clauses include relocation funding agreements or agreements to fund education that may require the employee to repay some or all of the money if employment terminates before the end of the contract.

During the honeymoon phase of getting a new job, especially if the company recruited you, you may not fully consider the effect an employment agreement could have on your options for future employment in your field, or examine what recourse you have if the employer doesn’t live up to its end of the bargain. It’s tempting to sign the contract without getting legal counsel on its meaning and potential consequences for your future. At Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers, an Austin employment lawyer experienced in executive compensation can help you feel confident that you are entering the agreement with the knowledge you need.

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