Austin retaliation attorney Daniel B. Ross understands that many employees who experience workplace harassment, discrimination, or other illegal activity are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. In 2011, more workers complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about retaliation in Texas than in any other state – accounting for over 4,000 worker retaliation complaints.

Statistics don’t lie. Texas has a problem with workplace retaliation, and the victims deserve strong legal representation to protect their rights. As an employee in this state, you deserve to be treated within the law and work in an environment free of retaliatory practices.

The problem for employees who don’t want to report workplace discrimination or harassment for fear of retaliation is that if you don’t notify the employer of the problem, the employer has no obligation to try to put a stop to the offending behavior. Generally, if you don’t report the illegal behavior, not only does the employer not have to attempt to address it, but you will not have a claim for harm that the behavior may have caused you.

What Is Workplace Retaliation?

Any adverse action an employer takes against an employee after he or she complains about harassment or discrimination may qualify as retaliation. If a company fires, demotes, disciplines, reassigns, or reduces compensation after an employee complains of harassment, that worker may have the right to demand compensation.

It is all too common that after an employee makes a complaint of sexual harassment or some other kind of discrimination, she or he starts to get write ups or is placed on  a “Performance Improvement Plan,” even though before the complaint there were no issues with job performance. Some employers would rather get rid of the employee who won’t put up with illegal discrimination than the person who is breaking the law.

Retaliation can take even the form of something an employer thinks is be helpful, yet is actually counterproductive or offensive, such as separating an employee from the rest of the office after he or she complains of sexual harassment.

How Can You Avoid Retaliation in Texas?

Contacting a local Austin employment law attorney to discuss your options for making a complaint while trying to protect your job is a good first step. Nothing can stop an employer that is bent on retaliating, but if you know what to look for and document from the beginning, you may be in a stronger position to make a claim for compensation for retaliation if it occurs.

Who Is Responsible for Retaliation?

The courts hold employers strictly liable for their supervisors’ actions. If your boss or supervisor retaliates against you in any capacity, you may be able to make a claim against the company. If another employee retaliates against you, and your employer fails to act, the business could still be responsible. In either event, you should consult an Austin retaliation attorney as soon as possible to learn about your available legal options moving forward. When the courts find an employer guilty of retaliation, the company may have to pay the plaintiff financial compensation for lost wages and benefits, mental anguish, and other punitive and compensatory damages.

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If you’ve suffered retaliation for reporting discrimination, harassment, or other illegal activity, consult Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers for help filing a claim against your employer with the EEOC and Texas courts. Our retaliation attorneys have handled retaliation cases in the state for over 20 years. We have the ability and resources to seek compensation for victims of retaliation quickly and efficiently.

Retaliation and other employment law cases can be complex and stressful. Dealing with people who have already discriminated against you can be challenging. Let our team help. When you work with Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers, we’ll handle all facets of your claim. If you’re ready to fight against unlawful employer retaliation, call 512-474-7677 or contact us online today.