If you are over 40 and got fired, didn’t receive a raise you should have, or suffered employment discrimination based on your age, you have the right to take legal action to obtain compensation for lost wages and other damages. When you work with an Austin age discrimination attorney at Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers, you’ll know your employment rights are in good hands. We’ve brought many age discrimination claims and cases in Texas, and we know how to stand up to workplace injustice.

What Is Age Discrimination?

There are many reasons you could lose your job, but your age shouldn’t be one of them. When someone is terminated, not hired, or not promoted because he or she is over 40 years of age, it’s legally defined as age discrimination. The law prohibits age-related discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, many companies break this law and hire, fire, promote, or demote people based solely on age.

Age discrimination can occur for many different reasons. Some employers want to hire younger workers who will do your job for less money. Or perhaps they want a person they assume will be more technologically able. If an employer doesn’t promote you because of your age even though you’re qualified for the position, you may have a claim against the company for age discrimination.

You don’t have to accept an unlawful employer decision. If your employer terminated or otherwise caused you harm because of age discrimination, speak with an Austin employment lawyer at Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers about your legal options as soon as possible.

What Are My Rights as a Texas Employee?

The federal law that makes age discrimination illegal in the United States is called the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). It prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on age. Regardless of what employers believe about people of a certain age, they can’t use these biases to decide the fate of an employee or job applicant.

The ADEA specifically protects people over 40 years old from age discrimination in the workplace. “In the workplace” describes any facet of work: interviewing, hiring, training, job evaluations, promotion, demotion, discipline, compensation, termination, and more. If a workplace policy or practice has a disparate impact (a disproportionate impact) on workers over 40, it’s illegal.

The Texas Labor Code has specific state laws regarding age discrimination, prohibiting an employer to consider an employee’s age when making decisions about an employee’s work. It also makes it unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee who makes a claim of age discrimination against the employer. For additional information regarding your rights in Texas, reach out to a seasoned age discrimination lawyer in Austin, TX.

Battle Age Discrimination in Texas

If you go to court for age discrimination and win, you could receive compensation for court and attorney fees, pain and suffering damages, lost wages and benefits up to the time of the trial, liquidated damages equal to the amount of wages lost, and other punitive and compensatory damages. You’ll also have your job reinstated if you were wrongfully terminated because of your age.

When you work with the employment law attorneys at Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers, we’ll file your charge of discrimination with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and/or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). We’ll help you file a claim against the employer and work to reach a settlement without going to court. If your case does go to court, you’ll feel secure knowing an aggressive, competent Austin law firm is protecting your rights.

Hire an Austin Age Discrimination Attorney Today

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