Before you accept a severance offer, it’s smart to consult with a skilled Austin severance agreement lawyer like those found at Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers. It can be a challenge to decide whether it is in your best interest to agree to the terms of a severance offer from your employer. We can help you fully understand the effect that signing the proposed documents may have on your future and give you the information you need to decide whether you want to try to negotiate the monetary offer on the table.

What Does a Severance Package Consultation Involve?

Our severance package consultation includes a review of the proposed agreement and an evaluation of your employment history with the company and the circumstances surrounding your employment termination. We’ll discuss your proposed agreement in detail, examining any non-disclosure or non-compete agreements, releases, and other provisions, as well as the pros and cons of accepting the severance offer or opening negotiations for a more lucrative and/or less restrictive agreement. The right legal representation may be able to help you obtain a severance package even when none has been offered or increase the value of the initial offer your employer has put on the table.

After an initial evaluation by phone, our Austin employment attorneys provide severance agreement consultations at a reduced hourly rate. Legal services for severance negotiations are generally performed on a contingent fee basis. We never charge a contingent fee for severance negotiation legal services that would result in your gross recovery being less than the initial offer.

How to Negotiate a Better Severance Package in Texas

If you think your employment is being terminated for a reason other than what the employer claims, you need to know that signing a severance agreement almost always means surrendering your right to sue the employer if they broke the law in regard to your employment or firing. It’s important to protect your rights in these circumstances. If you are being laid off, you still may be able to negotiate a better severance package. Indicators that you may be able to negotiate a more favorable severance package than the one offered, or potentially obtain severance pay even if none was offered, include things like:

  • Long-term employment with the company
  • You were a highly compensated employee
  • Your employer initiated early termination of your employment contract or asked you to take early retirement
  • You didn’t sign a non-disclosure or non-compete  agreement before, but the employer wants you to sign one or both now
  • You are over 40 years of age (especially if you are over 55)
  • You recently complained of discrimination or harassment
  • You recently complained of sexual harassment
  • You recently took time off using the Family Medical Leave Act
  • You recently filed an EEOC complaint or made a “whistleblower” complaint to an outside agency that has authority to enforce a law that you believe the employer was breaking

Even if an initial severance offer seems generous at first glance, it’s worth a second look. Severance agreements often include complicated legal language for releases and clauses that may restrict your ability to work in your field. At Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers, an Austin severance agreement lawyer can help you understand whether the rights you’re giving up are commensurate with the severance pay you’ll receive, and advise you on how to comply with non-compete and non-disclosure provisions.

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