Spinal Cord Injuries

What Causes Temporary Paralysis?

Paralysis is a medical condition that involves the loss of function and/or sensation in a part of the body. This condition can result from several possible injuries and medical conditions, but it is a common occurrence in individuals who suffered brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. While some types of paralysis, such as paralysis caused… read more

Can Paralysis Be Cured?

A paralysis diagnosis is terrible news for anyone, and the first question a newly diagnosed individual is likely to have is if there is any hope for a cure. While some people who suffer paralysis from conditions like strokes and cerebral palsy may recover some motor function and sensation, others, particularly those who develop paralysis… read more

Best Sports to Play After Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury is devastating and can lead to permanent disability and a host of other possible medical issues. While some are permanent, other spinal cord injuries improve with time, and some people manage to recover enough to return to the physical activities they love. However, it’s vital for spinal cord injury victims to… read more

What Is Quadriplegia?

Spinal cord injuries are serious medical emergencies that often result in permanent disability. The spinal cord carries brain signals to the rest of the body through a thick bundle of nerves running from the brain down through the spine to the tailbone. The spinal cord cannot repair itself after an injury like the rest of… read more