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As a Dallas hostile work environment lawyer, one of the most common problems people call Daniel B. Ross about is that they are working in what they believe to be a hostile work environment. In the free phone evaluation that we provide, a little investigation may reveal that while the treatment they are receiving may be unprofessional, rude, or even mean, it does not meet the criteria required to make a legal claim. Why? Personality conflicts, bad management styles, bosses who treat everyone badly, and even most bullying, are not illegal.

That’s not to say that anything goes in the workplace. Words alone can be discriminatory.  Speech related to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status may create a hostile work environment, according to a paper by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh.

Is Discrimination Grounds for a Hostile Work Environment Claim?

Illegal discrimination – workplace harassment, discrimination, or abuse directed at a specific employee because of the employee’s gender, age, race, national origin, disability, or other membership in a protected class defined by Title VII, the ADA, or other federal or state law – is the basis for any claim of an illegal hostile work environment. If you are experiencing illegal discrimination or harassment, proving a claim for a hostile work environment can be a significant challenge, which is why consulting an experienced employment law attorney is extremely important. You must show that the language, actions, or behavior of a boss or coworker were severe or pervasive enough to create a work environment that would be intimidating, hostile, or offensive to a reasonable person.

Keeping a record of the harassment can help. Written proof, such as copies of emails, can be good evidence. It’s also important that the victim in these cases follow the company’s workplace protocol. It can be difficult, but you must report the behavior to the company to give them the opportunity to take action to stop the offensive behavior. Once you make a complaint, it’s the employer’s responsibility to investigate the problem and address it directly.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 also protects you from retaliation by a boss or coworker once you’ve filed a complaint. So if the harassment escalates after you’ve reported it, or you are suddenly disciplined for minor or fabricated infractions, demoted, blocked from receiving promotions, raises or other forms of career advancement, or fired despite your strong job performance, you may have a claim for retaliation and should consider speaking with a Dallas hostile work environment lawyer as soon as possible.

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The compassionate hostile work environment lawyers at Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers are here to help. Dallas workers coping with a hostile work environment already have enough stress to deal with without having to navigate the legal system alone. Our attorneys care about our clients and show it by keeping them informed throughout their cases, always taking time out to answer their questions in detail – both during the consultation phase and, if they choose to pursue their claim, as their claim progresses through the EEOC and legal system. Contact us for more information and assistance.