What to Do After a Car Accident in Austin

After the screeching brakes, honking horns, and ringing in the ears subsides, drivers involved in an accident must gather their wits and respond to the scene. An accident can happen quickly and leave you injured, out of work, and wondering how you will pay for medical bills. Before you leave the scene, keep some best… read more

Liability Reduction Strategies for Austin Property Owners

Property owners sometimes think they can do whatever they want on their own land without consequences. While you can choose to leave your swimming pool unfenced and to leave a dry-rotted railing in place, doing so presents a liability risk. If someone were to suffer an injury on your property, he or she could hire… read more

Do Cyclists Have to Wear Helmets in Austin, Texas?

When people discuss bicycle laws, one of the first questions usually involves helmets. Most states do not enforce helmet laws for adult bicyclists but may require children to wear them. If you plan to bicycle in Austin or around other areas in Texas, here’s what you should know. State and Local Bicycle Helmet Laws The… read more

Is Texting and Driving Illegal in Austin, Texas?

Texting and driving is dangerous, but it’s also illegal in many parts of the country. While the state of Texas does not enforce a statewide ban on texting while driving, it does restrict certain activities. At the local level, cities, including Austin, are now hands-free zones. In addition to criminal penalties, those who text and… read more

Local and State Bike Laws for Austin, TX Residents

With each passing year, Texas embraces bicyclists a little more. Austin, in particular, is home to a network of bike-friendly routes. Like vehicles, bicyclists must adhere to local and state traffic laws. Before you head out on Texas roadways, learn the applicable laws and recommendations. Knowing your rights and responsibilities will help you safely navigate… read more