Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Motorcycles present unique dangers to their riders that drivers of cars don’t face. They also present experienced riders with unique abilities to avoid accidents, including powerful brakes, better vision, and amazing handling. Here, our Austin motorcycle injury attorney lists some of the accidents you can avoid using these abilities and your own experience.

Miss the Gravel in a Blind Curve

Winding, curving roads provide exhilarating rides, but they also present unique dangers. You can round a curve, encounter debris, and have your front tire in before you realize it. Avoid this by slowing down to a speed that doesn’t outstrip your ability to react. You may not know it’s there until you see it, so don’t go so fast that you can’t comfortable slow or break. Go slow into the curve and fast out of it, swinging wide to give you better vision of what’s coming.

Don’t Corner Too Fast

The curve looked fun, but now it’s tightening quickly on you, and a laydown is imminent. If you monitor your speed going in, staying to a speed that gives you reaction time and taking advantage of the terrain to gauge road signs, trees, or poles, you are less likely to ride out a curve on the ground. The bike’s abilities are limited by your riding skill, so be smart and don’t override the machine.

Avoid a Random Lane Change

While you enjoy fewer blind spots on your motorcycle, car drivers do not. This leaves you at risk to them changing lanes without seeing you. Be aware of the cars around you, and stay out of their blind spots. Use their mirrors to see them because then you know they can see you back. Watch for a driver’s intention to change lanes, including signals, mirror checks, or the head turning.

Prevent a Car from Turning Left in Front of You

Car drivers often only register that no cars are coming, not that a motorcycle is there. Keep an eye ahead when you are riding on a road where cars can turn left across your lane. Watch for cars stopped at an intersection, turn signals blinking, or cars veering into your lane. Slow down, keep your brakes covered, and be ready to dodge them. Make sure you know if you can evade them if necessary.

Watch out for Riding Partner Mistakes

You may love riding with your motorcycling buddies, but that does not mean they will all be as smart, careful, or experienced as you. Choose who you ride with and what you do during that ride carefully. Inform your partners of your riding rules before you get on the road. To reduce risk, make sure you use the staggered formation to avoid the long line and the risk of an accident taking out the entire fleet of bikes.

Motorcycle accidents often lead to severe injuries, such as brain injuries, and many of these are the result of other drivers’ mistakes, meaning they could have been prevented. You can’t control them, so be smart on the road, keep yourself riding within your ability, and be alert for what is going on around you.