Ross • Scalise EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS retained by employees who have failed to receive their unpaid overtime wages resulting from the Kronos ransomware attack

On December 11, 2021, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) was subject to ransomware attack which prevented thousands of employers access to time records for their workers. Kronos is a commonly used workforce management platform which tracks employee scheduling, attendance, hours worked and payroll. Kronos has been working on regaining system functionality since the attack. While the days have lagged on since the attack, employees have become frustrated by employers who have failed to pay proper overtime wages while the Kronos systems have been down.

Failure to Pay Overtime Wage When Due is a Violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Many employers have failed to pay overtime worked for pay periods prior to and after December 11. 2021 since they did not have time records for their workers and did not have back-up systems in place to record hours worked. An employer’s failure to pay overtime wages when due is a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. In such cases, employees may not only be entitled to unpaid overtime wages, but also liquidated damages in an equal amount.

Employers May Still Be Liable Even if Employees Are Now Paid

Ross Scalise Law Group has already been retained by employees who have failed to receive their unpaid overtime wages resulting from the Kronos ransomware attack. At this point, even if employers are able to determine and pay the amount of overtime worked while the Kronos system was inoperable, employers still may be liable for the liquidated damages authorized by the FLSA. If you have not been paid the overtime wages you were owed when they became due, you may wish to consult with attorney Charles Scalise to learn your rights.

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In the United States, a variety of federal laws protect workers’ rights. In the state of Texas, we have additional laws that protect workers under the Texas Labor Code. When employers do not obey these laws and regulations, employees have the right to take action without employer retaliation.

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