How to Get Home After Drinking in Austin

The Texas Department of Transportation’s 2016 report stated that 480 car accident-related deaths involved a driver under some influence of alcohol. Austin experienced 15 such fatalities, with a further 80 victims experiencing incapacitating injuries. These numbers represent a decrease over the last several years, however, the problem remains. While the city may not have control over individual decisions, it can spread awareness of alternate transportation options available for Austin’s citizens.

Austin offers multiple options to get home. Plan ahead to make sure you can enjoy your evening and get home safely.


If your plans change and you end up drinking, your activities the next day may preclude leaving your car near the bar. Austin offers choices for these situations, including Sober Monkey, Tipsy Taxi, Dryver, and BeMyDD, all of which provide drivers for your own car. Think twice about balking at the expense; a DUI charge will cost a lot more and have far-reaching consequences.


Austin offers several cab stations for you to use to get home, or you can simply find a hotel. If you are environmentally-minded in your choices, Austin’s fleet of electric cars stands ready. Among Austin’s taxi companies, Shire Taxi Services rates the highest among customer reviews.

Network Transport Companies

Austin enjoys the competition from several companies offering ride service alternatives to cabs. Besides Uber and Lyft, be sure to check out RideAustin, Fasten, or several other options to get around town. All of them offer smartphone apps, and you could even use them to get to your party instead of your own car.

Public Transportation

The city bus and rail lines offer you a very budget-friendly choice. With the Night Owl CapMetro service and the extended rail hours on weekends, you can leave your car at home and not worry about getting home later if your night of fun costs you a bit more than you planned.


Available only for the University of Texas students, these E-buses have a station on 7th street and bring students to several locations on campus. The newer SafeRide offers an Uber-like service for students.


If you live close to the downtown area, these services take you home in a bicycle-towed trailer. Enjoy a pleasant Austin evening while staying safe on the road.


Another option for those living close to where they party is strolling back home – if you’re able to do so. Walking can give you time to sober up, while giving you and a friend the chance to continue enjoying yourself as you go. If you choose this, make sure to wear light-reflecting clothing and be mindful of roads with increased speed limits.

Downtown Parking

If you choose to drive yourself, Austin offers over 3,000 street parking spaces with meters that allow you to choose over-night options. Austin will not tow vehicles left overnight without paying for the extra time. If you get a ticket, bring it in with a completed Ticket Waiver Form to have the city waive your fine as a reward for making the right decision.

Make a plan, but expect contingencies – sometimes things change. The city of Austin understands and, wanting to keep you safe, has many ways to make sure you get home safe. Take advantage of them.