Burns are some of the most painful injuries a person can suffer and most leave lasting scars. Severe burns can cause permanent disabilities and medical complications, requiring years of treatment after the initial injury. If a burn was the result of the negligent actions of another person or entity, the victim may be eligible to collect compensation for medical expenses, missed time from work, future treatments, and pain and suffering. Consult with a seasoned Austin burn injury lawyer as soon as you can to learn more about your available legal options following your burn injury.

Types of Burn Injuries

Most people are familiar with the degree scale for gauging the severity of burns:

  • First-degree burns – typically are not serious and rarely require medical treatment unless they affect a large area of the body. First-degree burns affect the outermost layers of skin only.
  • Second-degree burns – more serious, but do not penetrate entirely through the skin layers. Second-degree burns require immediate medical attention.
  • Third-degree burns – penetrate the entirety of the skin and are life-threatening if left untreated. Third-degree burns usually cause nerve damage, leave lasting scars, and may require skin grafts and surgeries.
  • Fourth-degree burns – describe burn injuries that completely penetrate the skin and enter the underlying tissues or bones. These are incredibly serious injuries and usually result in permanent mobility loss, nerve damage, and a higher susceptibility to infections, since fourth-degree burns create open wounds.

Any type of burn leaves the victim open to infections, including tetanus, nerve damage, the risk of shock, and depending on the type of burn, it may be best to seek medical treatment immediately, even if it doesn’t seem life-threatening. After you receive medical attention, contact an Austin burn injury attorney to discuss your available legal options.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Different sources cause different types of burns:

  • Thermal or heat burns – the result of contact with scalding water, hot surfaces, and open flames. Thermal burns can be the result of explosions or bursts of flammable gasses.
  • Chemical burns – result from contact with corrosive or toxic chemicals. In some situations, breathing in corrosive fumes can result in chemical burns in the respiratory system and lungs.
  • Radiation burns – the result of exposure to harmful radiation. Sunburn is a very common radiation burn caused by overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Although usually not life threatening, sunburn is notoriously uncomfortable, and severe cases can be dangerous and require medical attention.
  • Electrical burns – result from electricity discharges. Even low-voltage discharges can result in electrical burns and are some of the most dangerous types of burns. Electrical discharge can cause heart problems, severe nerve damage, and brain damage.
  • Friction burns – describe any injury that results from high-speed contact with a moving surface. The most common example is “road rash,” which happens in motorcycle accidents when a cyclist is thrown from a bike at high speed and slides along the ground. The resulting injury is usually a severe scrape along with a heat burn from the friction.

Possible Results of Burns

Any type of burn injury can leave lasting effects. Depending on the type of burn and its severity, skin grafts, surgeries, and other medical procedures may be necessary. Permanent scarring is extremely common after a severe burn. Nerve damage is another serious concern. When a burn damages the skin, the nerve endings may be destroyed, resulting in permanent loss of sensation.

Regardless of the severity or effects, our Austin personal injury lawyers believe that no one should deal with a burn injury alone if it was the result of another person or entity’s negligent actions. The victim may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, missed income, the cost of ongoing treatments or additional surgeries, pain and suffering, and the loss of quality of life if permanently disabled.

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