Accidents involving semi-trucks can be extremely violent and frightening, leaving long-lasting physical and emotional scars. Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to work long hours and make it to their destinations on time. Distracted driving, drowsy driving, drunk driving, and other semi-truck driver negligence can result in a devastating accident that injures innocent drivers on the roadway. If you or somebody you love was involved in an accident caused by a negligent semi-truck driver in Texas, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. It is important you consult with an experienced Austin truck accident lawyer to discuss your available legal options as soon as you are able.

Obtaining Evidence in an Accident

When you’re involved in an accident, especially one involving large semi-trucks, you may not be able to think coherently. You may be severely injured or rendered unconscious. In the event of an accident involving driver negligence, your lawyer will obtain evidence concerning your case for you, including medical records and photographs of the crash scene.

Semi-truck crashes are different than other car accidents because semis are part of the trucking industry. Federal regulations mandate certain things regarding semi-truck accident claims, such as the type of evidence the victim needs to obtain for case action. To successfully navigate a case against a negligent semi-truck driver, you need a skilled Austin personal injury lawyer who understands the specific rules regarding this type of accident.

For example, a truck driver’s driving log – documenting his or her hours on the road and other information – will legally get destroyed after six months if your attorney doesn’t take immediate action. If you’ve been involved in a semi-truck accident, your lawyer needs to send the trucking company a spoliation letter. A spoliation letter mandates that a defendant has to preserve evidence relating to the accident until further notice.

Proving negligence in a car accident can be the most difficult part of a case, but it’s also the most important. Without evidence of negligence, the plaintiff has no grounds to demand compensation. Our attorneys conduct in-depth investigations of accidents to gather all of the information and evidence necessary to strengthen your case.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

As early as the day after your accident, your insurance company and the trucking company’s insurance will most likely call you. Texas and federal law require semi-trucks to carry various types of insurance coverage depending on what the truck hauls. Insurance companies often contact victims of an accident to coerce them to settle without going to court.

The insurance company’s settlement offer will probably be lower than what you could receive if you go to court, but it can be tempting to accept it when you’re struggling with medical bills after an accident. It can be difficult to navigate conversations with insurance companies in a way that doesn’t hurt your chances of winning compensation. Insurance agents are hired to protect their trucking companies, and it isn’t in their best interest to give you the fairest compensation. They can use anything you say in an initial phone call against you in court if you decide to pursue litigation.

Semi-truck companies have claims adjusters, insurance agents, designated investigators, and their own lawyers to defend their actions in court. You need to equip yourself with a knowledgeable and accomplished Austin truck accident lawyer to be the mediator between yourself and all these people to protect your rights against the negligent party.

Seek Justice and Hire an Austin Truck Accident Attorney

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Contact us for more information regarding semi-truck accident cases and to schedule a case evaluation. We’re passionate about protecting the rights of those injured because of another driver’s negligence, and we can help you file your claim today.

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