Unlike car accidents, bus accidents add an extra level of fear and trauma due to passengers’ assumptions that public transportation is safe. When we board charter buses, public buses, tour buses, or send our children off on school buses, we take for granted that the bus driver is capable of reaching the destination safely. When bus drivers make human errors or drive negligently, the consequences can be deadly, which is why speaking with an Austin bus accident attorney immediately following an accident is an extremely important step in recovering damages to which you are entitled.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents in Texas

Common causes of accidents involving charter buses, tour buses, school buses, and public buses are similar to those of regular car accidents. Alcohol plays a part in many bus accidents, where the driver is negligent and engages in drunk driving. Other reasons include distracted driving, where the driver is texting while driving or not paying attention to the road.

Many buses go off the road and hit stationary objects or collide with other vehicles or pedestrians. Bus drivers can drive distracted just like any other driver, despite being responsible for more passengers. Even school bus drivers have been known to driving distracted, leading to terrible rear-end collisions and other accidents. Public bus and charter bus drivers can drive long hours, leading to dangerous drowsy driving.

Some bus accidents aren’t the result of human error – rather, they’re caused by system or part malfunctions. Texas law requires that public buses undergo certain routine maintenance checks for safety. However, if an inspector is negligent or a maintenance team makes an error, it could lead to system failure on the roadway.

Hours of maintenance violations, part failure, manufacturer error, improper driver surveillance and a variety of other things outside of the driver’s control may all contribute to a bus accident. The vast majority of accidents, however, stem from driver negligence. If someone’s negligence results in an accident, the victims can hire an Austin personal injury lawyer and take legal action against the responsible party.

Who Is Responsible for Bus Accidents?

Most buses aren’t privately owned. In general, companies own charter buses, party buses, and tour buses, while state and local governments own public and school buses. School buses may be the responsibility of the school district. In a regular car accident, the victim can sue the negligent individual driver. In most bus accidents, the victim(s) can sue the company or district that owns the bus.

If driver negligence caused the accident, the victims can sue the company as well as the individual driver. If a part failure or manufacturer defect caused the accident, the victims can hold the bus company and manufacturer responsible as well as anyone involved in the improper service checks.

Determining who is responsible for a bus accident can be complicated due to the fact that the courts can allot partial responsibility across two or more parties, full responsibility on one party, or a variety of other outcomes. Thus, you need an experienced Austin bus accident attorney to help you prove negligence and identify the appropriate defendant(s).

Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers | Local Austin Bus Accident Lawyers

Even though bus drivers are responsible for the lives of dozens of passengers, they’re still human and make mistakes. When these faults result in injury or death, the victims have a right to make claims for compensation. Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers is ready to serve injured victims of devastating bus accidents, and we want to help those who need us the most.

Bus accidents can involve many intricate details. You need a seasoned attorney to gather the appropriate evidence, conduct witness interviews, and launch an investigation into the bus company or school district responsible. To seek help from local, skilled personal injury attorneys, contact us for a case evaluation. Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers has served clients across Texas since 1998 and knows how to navigate a bus accident case.