The Parts House and XL Parts

Store Managers have lodged demands against XL Auto Parts (XL Parts, The Parts House) for unpaid overtime. These Store Managers allege they worked in excess of 40 hours each week without receiving overtime pay.  These Store Managers further allege that although they were paid on a salary basis, they were still eligible for overtime because they did not supervise enough employee hours during the week to be considered exempt from overtime requirements. 

This is a collective action by Plaintiff and others similarly situated against his employers for unpaid overtime wages pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Ross • Scalise Employment Lawyers are still accepting new claims for The Parts House and XL Parts Store Managers from anywhere in the country who worked unpaid overtime in the past 3 years.


Charles Scalise


Jon D. Rankin

Type of Case

Unpaid Overtime


Am I eligible?

You may be eligible to make a claim if you worked as a Store Manager for The Parts House or XL Parts in the last 3 years and were not paid for all of the overtime hours you worked (over 40 hours/week). Please reach out to case manager Jon D. Rankin at (512) 379-5981 or to confirm if you are eligible.


Store Managers who work or have worked for The Parts House or XL Parts in any state across the country within the past 3 years may make a demand for overtime wages.

In order to make a claim, you must sign a Consent Form.

There is a statute of limitations, which allows workers to recover unpaid overtime wages within specific time periods. Under federal law, the statute of limitation is two to three years back from when we file your demand. Thus, If you were employed by The Parts House or XL Parts at any time within the past 3 years, you may have a claim.

We are handling these matters on a contingency fee basis. This means we will only be paid if we are successful in obtaining relief either through a settlement, award, or a final judgment, and that payment will only come out of that settlement, award, or final judgment and not your pocket.

We will assist you with your claim even if you do not have records. If you have records of the hours you worked, please preserve and keep them until we ask you for them. The provisions of the FLSA and supporting case law make maintaining and keeping records the responsibility of The Parts House and XL Parts. Thus, we request your records from The Parts House or XL Parts as part of our investigation into your claim. Even if you do not have records or believe that no records exist of your time worked, we suggest submitting your claim for review as this will not prevent you from participating in the Collective or potentially recovering your overtime wages.

It is against the law for an employer to retaliate against a person for making a claim for unpaid wages. If you currently work for The Parts House or XL Parts and you believe you may be the victim of retaliation, contact the case agent, Jon Rankin at (512) 474-7677 or immediately.

The length of these matters varies but can typically last one to two years.

No. These matters are ongoing. There is no money currently available and there is no guarantee that you will receive money.

Spread the word. If you know any Store Managers interested in making a demand for unpaid overtime, they should contact the case agent, Jon Rankin at (512) 474-7677 or to sign up. They can also complete our online Consent Form and we will be in touch.

To learn more, feel free to contact the case agent, Jon Rankin at (512) 474-7677 or

Case Updates
December 6, 2022

Store Managers Launch Demands for Overtime Pay from The Parts House and XL Parts

On August 25th, a former Store Manager and others similarly situated (“Plaintiffs”) filed a case against XL Auto Parts (The Parts House, XL Parts) for unpaid overtime wages.

Alex Quintero, represented by Ross • Scalise Law Group, brought his claim individually and on behalf of similarly situated employees who worked as Store Managers for XL Auto Parts during the past three years. The Complaint alleges these Store Managers worked in excess of 40 hours each workweek, but were not paid overtime for their work, resulting in unpaid overtime wages.

Plaintiffs’ attorney, Charles Scalise of Ross • Scalise Law Group, explained that Mr. Quintero and other Store Managers typically worked near or in excess of 50 hours each workweek, and even though they were paid on a salary basis, they were not exempt from overtime pay. 

This Complaint was filed as a collective action by the private right of action conferred in 29 U.S.C. § 216(b). Plaintiffs seek damages for unpaid overtime, liquidated damages, and a reasonable attorney’s fee and costs.

Ross • Scalise Law Group is accepting as new clients current and former XL Auto Parts and/or The Parts House store managers from anywhere in the country who worked unpaid overtime hours in the past three years. For additional information about how to make a claim, visit

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